Voyage Century Holiday Giveaway

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Voyage Century Holiday Giveaway
MMO Game: Voyage Century Online | Area: International | Official Website: Voyage Century Online


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Steps for Using the Key:
1. Register an IGG account and login in
2. Download and install the client at
3. Create a character after enter the game.
4. Back to
5. Enter the Serial Number- the CD-key.
6. Enter game and draw the items out from the warehouse NPC.

Step: Share with your Friends:

About this game:
Each package contains:
Senior Navigator Gift Package * 1
Triple Experience Scroll * 3
Fourfold Experience Scroll * 3
Men's Christmas long dress red * 1
Women's Christmas long dress red * 1
Heavy-set Dog Whistle * 1
* Package values $55 each.

Senior Navigator Gift Package: After using it, the four basic skill-Navigation, Seabattle, Eloquence and Bare-handed fighting reach level 91, and you obtain one level-4 ship with Maneuverability 91, structure 6, Military Equipment 61.

Triple Experience Scroll: 3* spell experience for 1 hour after using it.

Fourfold Experience Scroll: 4* spell experience for 1 hour after using it.

Men and Woman's X'mas Long Dress - Red

Heavy-set Dog
1. This giveaway is for all new members who have interest in play Voyage Century.
2. Each package will be written into cd-key, so it is just similar to an account giveaway.