Warframe Raffle 10 codes to win 170 Platinum

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Warframe Raffle 10 codes to win 170 Platinum
MMO Game: Warframe | Area: International | Official Website: Warframe


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Digital Extremes ,publisher of Warframe partners with FreeMMORPGlist.Com, MMOReviews.Com, F2P.Com, GratisMMORPG.De, MMORPG Gratis.Com , JuegaenRed.Com, MMOGratuit.Com, MMOGratis.Com and GiochiMMO.it for a special giveaway of ten (10) packs of 170 PLATINUM! Get your code now to see if you're one of our lucky winners.

Of the 1000 codes, only 10 are winners of the raffle. If you don't win, you will see the following message: "Sorry, better luck next time :)". Each pack won is for 170 Platinum, a $9.99 USD value! (Platinum is the in-game currency which can only be bought with real world currency). If you are a winner, follow the instructions that you will find below.

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter:

Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Sign up Warframe.

Step 4. Please visit Warframe to redeem your code and view Platinum packages.

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About this game:
Warframe is a fast-paced free to play third person shooter in which players use exo-amors and different combative technologies to fight against powerful monsters and enemy players.