WarStory Giveaway Codes

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WarStory Giveaway Codes
MMO Game: WarStory | Area: International | Official Website: WarStory


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Warstory - Europe in Flames Special Giweaway of Churchill MK6

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The Giveaway expires the 23:59:59, 31.05.2011 CET
1. Follow us in Facebook: and add a comment there.

2. Register to play WarStory.
3. Enter the game and play through the tutorial.
At the world map screen you’ll find a button down in the right corner above the sound button.
The button shows a pointing hand. Click on it and enter the code into the popup menu.

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About this game:
WARSTORY: Europe in Flames is a free to play, browser-based, strategic MMO in which you lead a powerful company through the chaos of World War 2. Fighting alongside the Americans or the Soviets to liberate Europe from the Axis. You must Win the race to Berlin and decide the outcome of the war for you and your forces.

Become part of the large-scale allied offensive and fight in decisive battles on all European fronts.