Wild Terra Online Raffle Early Access

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Wild Terra Online Raffle Early Access
MMO Game: Wild Terra Online | Area: International less Russian version | Official Website: Wild Terra Online


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Juvty Worlds Development Team developer and publisher for Wild Terra Online in collaboration with gameitems.com offering early access raffle giveaway, you can win one of the 100 codes you will have ;

What do you get from the Wild Terra "Knight" key early access Bundle price 9,99$ :
• The key of early access.
• 10 premium days and 1,000 gold.
• Title: “Knight”.

This raffle will feature 500 codes and there will be only 100 winning the early access bundle “Knight” say "You don't win", so you know you are not a winner. If you get a winning code, your code will say "You win-the code" .

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Step 3. Visit Wild Terra Online here

Step 4. Download the game client and install and launch the game, register your account and enter the key.

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About this game:
Wild Terra Online is a sandbox action RPG where players get to craft, gather, farm and build. There are no NPCs in the game, so everything is created by players. The only way to get something is to create it, to buy it or to steal it.