Wonderking 1st Anniversary Event- Win $600 Visa Cards & iPad in WonderKing! - For Outside of Europe

Wonderking 1st Anniversary Event- Win $600 Visa Cards & iPad in WonderKing! - For Outside of Europe
MMO Game: Wonderking | Area: Worldwide less Europe | Official Website: Wonderking


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Title: Win $600 Visa Cards & iPad in WonderKing!

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, is the 1st Anniversary of Wonderking for all the users of out of Europe. Register here for win the special presents for you.

Itís almost been a year since WonderKing launched on January 28, 2010. The WonderKing Team is thrilled to announce the first anniversary party where everyone can have a chance to win lots of special prizes as well as $50 worth of Gcoins (Item Mall currency) too!

We have partnered with our offer platform providers to give away many valuable prizes. Come join us and donít miss this fantastic opportunity!

1) Grand Prize: $600 Visa Prepaid card (2 Winners)

2) 2th Place Prize: iPad (1 Winner)

3) 3th Place Prize: Logitech Wireless Headset (3 Winners)

4) 4th Place Prize: 23 inch LCD monitor (1 Winner)

5) 5th Place Prize: iPod Nano/Shuffle (1 Winner each)

6) 6th Place Prize: Logitech Speaker System (5 Winners)

Thereís never been a more exciting time to join WonderKing than on its anniversary!

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About this game:

The story revolves around you, a novice adventurer who is stranger to all, but a hero in waiting. Over the course of your adventure, you run into characters that have each played a special role in the history of Windus, WonderKing's world. After many heroic deeds and perseverance in your travels, you begin to realize that you may be the one spoken of in the prophecy; the legendary WonderKing. Your destiny is to seize the throne for good and save the world from evil.