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WoWS Loot Boxes Giveaway
MMO Game: World of WarShips | Area: EU Servers | Official Website: World of WarShips


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About this game:
World of Warships - WoWS. Take to the seas during World War Two and command over your own warship in tactically realistic team based battles. A free to play MMO developed by Wargaming in it players can unlock, customize and fight with a variety of iconic ships that helped shape the outcome of WW2, digitally interpreted in high detail to represent those original ships.

Choose from various ships from some of the most significant nabal powers during the war; Germany, USA, Japan, Britain and many more. From standard ships of the line to iconic vessels, these ships come in four primary classes: cruisers, warships, aircraft carriers and battleships. Each of the four classes has a huge number of ships as part of its tiered rank, each with its own strengths and weaknesses that players must overcome in battle and exploit in their opponents. By earning battle XP through matches and earning in-game currencies, each player can unlock dozens of ships from their chosen nation’s tree and adopt them into their personal fleet. From here players can customize their ships, ammo, modules, and even crew to best suit their play style.

World of Warships offers a challenging and strategic combat style unseen in many other vehicle shooter type MMOs, staying true to the slow and methodical battles of the time, players must out plan, out think, and outmanoeuvre their opponents. Positioning is everything in the game, taking cover behind islands, keeping out of range from long artillery and airplane bombardments, and even protecting vulnerable flanks from enemy torpedoes. With slower, more realistic, movement speeds and turning arcs players will find it easy to get into a battle, but retreating isn’t fast and a false move can lead to one sunken battleship!

World of Warships is linked to the Wargaming platform where account benefits and premium currency can be used between Wargaming’s different “world of” MMOs.

MMO Genre: F2P Vehicle MMO
Platform Availability: PC / Mac
Developed By: Wargaming