Zombies Monsters Robots Free Giveaway M1932 Handgun

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Zombies Monsters Robots Free Giveaway M1932 Handgun
MMO Game: Zombies Monsters Robots | Area: North America | Official Website: Zombies Monsters Robots


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Masse Entertainment, publisher of Zombies Monsters Robots in collaboration with FreeMMORPGlist.Com , MMOReviews.Com and F2P.Com offering this M1932 Handgun giveaway for North American players of Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR).

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About this game:
Zombies Monsters Robots is a free to play third person shooter MMO which features arcade action gameplay. In this game players must fight hordes of monsters through pve campaign scenarios and customize their own gear and weaponry. It also features PvP game modes up to 16 players.